Helicopter Pilot(Recruitment Suspended)


Job Vacancy

Helicopter Pilot——With CPL and need to know Chinese

Contract Term


2 years, renewable

Monthly Salary


9,500RMB to 34,000RMB/Month(1498.61USD to 5363.45USD,according to your experience)

Per Diem


100 to 200 RMB per day (According to your rank)

House Allowance

9000RMB per year


Ticket Benefit


10,000USD per year

Paid Personal Leave

104 days per year


Minimum Requirement

ü  With CPL

ü  Need to know Chinese

ü  No history of incidents or accidents

Domicile:Shanxi, China

How to Apply

Please send us the documents as below before screening. We will assist you to join the screening.


ü  Application Form

ü  Passport

ü  CPL

ü  Last 3 pages of logbook


Contact us

ü  E-mail: job@smile-aviation.com/vivian@smile-aviation.com

ü  Skype: vivian-smileaviation

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