B737NG/EFIS/A320 Captains, and B737NG/A320 FO(suspended) in Yunnan Luc
Large Demands for B737NG/EFIS and A320 captains, B737NG/A320 FO(suspen
2014 New contract comes out! Local contract with 18,600USD per month available. Attractive commuting contract with good conditions. 
B777/B787/A330 Captain in China Southern (B737/747/757/767/A320/340/38
B777/787/A330 Captains' Best Choice in China, accept B737/747/757/767/
Guangzhou, South China, 4 year contract; Unlimited Jump seat international flight availble   
Large Demands for ERJ190/195/170/175 Captains
Nanning, China
Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines Co., LTD, hereinafter refers to Beibu Gulf Air, based in Nanning Wuxu International Airport, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is jointly invested by Tianjin Airline and Beibu Gulf Investment Group.  As the brand new subsidiary of HNA Group, Guangxi BeibuGu


Smile Aviation International Limited enjoys an established reputation in flight crew leasing for Chinese airlines and a great number of foreign pilots. We concentrate on aviation industry and strive for solving the human resources bottleneck of airlines. We care about pilots' carreer development and accommodation. With our endeavors, candidates can pass through the screening smoothly and adapt to the new life in China well. Our headquarter is located in North America.We also have bases in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Chinese airlines and jet companies are our main customers.

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